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Why we exist

Be more honest to own curiosity and interests.

We create platform for that.

We freecracy as this name mentions, we believe people can be more free, selective, positive
to their life by being honest to own curiosity and interests.
We will create platform which people don’t need to give up their curiosity and interests
by gathering information, resources, and friends.

Our Values

Curiosity First

Limit of Curiosity is Limit of Information.
Limit of Information is Limit of Knowledge.
Limit of Knowledge is Limit of Action.
Limit of Action is Limit of Value.

Make Wow!

We don’t make good,
We will make Wow!
In order to do that,
We will focus on our passion.

Yes, then

We will be a life changer.
In order to do that,
We don’t need why we can’t do it,
We only need how we can do it.

Casual, Simple, but Centered

We question "Common sense”.
We only focus on “Value for Society”.
This makes us "Simple", “Casual”,
but not loose “Centered”.

What we do

Create New Standard for Professionals

freeC is business curation app to select and deliver Career, Crowd job, Event, and News based on your interests with real time. Yes, it’s 100% free!

  • All information comes to you by 1 platform 
  • Whole recruiting process is shorten by 1/4
  • Be connected and join company that you really like 
  • Join events, skill up, and get your dream career 

Work with Smile and Heart

To find best job for you, we believe it’s not only about Money or Place, but we need to know future colleagues, atmosphere, uniqueness, culture, and how your skill is developed! Let’s start Career hunting with Smile and Heart!!

Start with us from changing your habit, Daily small check make big difference to your career.

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Customer Voice

Meet The Team

Our team is passionate about bringing the
best for our customers.

Kazuki Kunimoto
Ippei Kamimura
Kosuke Yamashita
Yuuki Hirahara
Shinich Fujikawa (Efushin)
Technical Advisor
Naoki Masuda
UI, UX Advisor
Keiichi Toyoda
Global Business Advisor

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